Andy Thomas helps Australia celebrate 50th anniversary of the moon landing

Astronaut-turned-documentary-presenter Andy Thomas has been back in Australia this month, offering his uniquely Aussie perspective on the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing.

Ironically, aviation historians say that in its day, the 1919 epic flight from England to Australia was as awe-inspiring as man landing on the moon.

Click here to read his interview with ABC reporter Genelle Weule on having the “right stuff” to be an astronaut.

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The Greatest Air Race presenter Andy Thomas helps Adelaide secure Australian Space Agency

“This exciting decision continues that legacy so that Australia can boldly go to that final frontier and build new industries, create new economic and employment opportunities, and excite a new generation of homegrown entrepreneurs and innovators.” - Andy Thomas on the announcement of Adelaide as the home of the new Australian Space Agency. Read more >

Andy Thomas on location in Goolwa, SA, during filming.

Andy Thomas on location in Goolwa, SA, during filming.

Carolyn Johnson joins The Greatest Air Race team

Acclaimed independent documentary and drama producer Carolyn Johnson has joined the The Greatest Air Race team as a consulting executive producer.

Carolyn co-produced Tanna, an Oscar-nominated award-winning feature set in Vanuatu with director/writer/producers Bentley Dean and Martin Butler. Tanna has screened in over 25 festivals and won numerous awards including the Audience Award at Venice Critics Week. In 2017 Tanna was nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the Academy Awards.

In 2007 she produced, script-edited, and co-distributed the acclaimed feature film Son of a Lion, which won awards and screened in festivals around the world and in Australia.

Her documentary credits include A Law Unto Himself (ABC1, 2012), Stumbling in Hillary's Footsteps(ABC1, 2013), the landmark 4 x 1hr series First Footprints (2013, ABC/Arte), Over The Edge(NITV), Are You My Mother (2 x 52mins, 2009, SBS), and Divorce: Aussie Islamic Way (55 mins, 2011, ABC).


Banner image: South Australian Aviation Museum image library